As a huge comic book geek, I have been a fan of Neil Gaiman since I got my first Sandman comic. His prose does not disappoint. Neil has a classic storyteller voice, and a gift for crafting unusual worlds and plots far from the typical mainstream stories. One of his older works, Neverwhere remains one fo my all time favorites.

Neverwhere follows Richard Richard Dick Mayhew (makes sense after you read it) as he plunges deep into the subculture of London. Gaiman creates a beautiful underground society, complete with its own rules, morays, physics, and economy. He leaves no stone unturned as he paints a picture of a world full of discarded and forgotten things finding new life and purpose. Each character is vibrant, even the basic archetypes, and the villains are the kind you love to hate and hate to love and are almost sad to let go. It is also one of the few books I have ever read that had a truly satisfying ending (endings often disappoint me). To this day I cannot pass by a homeless person, tunnel, or other underground structure without thinking, what if? I give it three thumbs up–I borrowed the extra one from a friend.