Music is a HUGE part of my life. The right song/soundtrack can make a workout more fun and productive, get me through a long day at work, and even inspire a new story. Recently, not only did a song inspire a story, but my new novel has also inspired my new music project.

First I want to share the song that inspired my latest story–actually two stories. The song is “What Have You Done Now” by Within Temptation.

As I listened to the song I start wondering what could happen to make two people who really love each other suddenly decided they hate each other so much that they wish the other would die. My twisted mind grabbed hold and ran with it. A whole story about two people with supernatural powers finding each other but being pushed apart by differing loyalties just sprang to mind.

The idea then wormed its way into the existing novel, January Rising, that is currently under review with agents. It’s about Dallas based necromancer May Garrison. She spends her days stealing information from the dead for any thug or gangster with enough money to pay. When she uncovers the location of a federal witness, she suddenly finds herself on the run from the largest biker gang in the south. Out of options and with a dead body in the car, she turns to her ex-lover and fellow necromancer Raines.

While writing it I had to think about what would drive these two people apart. That was fun and opened up a whole can of worms for back story and future plots. It also helped inspire a music project. I am working with other musicians, including Dallas-based musician Scar of the Razorblade Dolls, to create a music project also named January Rising. Stay Tuned for that.

What the whole experience reminded me is how important music is to us. Every movie has a soundtrack, everyone owns some kind of music device be it radio or iPod, and any given night you can find some band playing downtown. How has music inspired you?