Rarely do I find books that:

  1. Make me look at tennis balls with extreme dread.
  2. Make me want to hug my mom.
  3. Make me lose all sense of time and space.

Cursed follows Nicholas and Cicely, two people cursed in their own way but both convinced their condition is the result of the deliberate and malicious actions of some person or entity. They form a support group for others like them and find a way to stop their tormentor.

When I got the book I sort of nonchalantly opened it thinking I would start reading it later. In what felt like only five minutes, I had read almost fifty pages, completely caught up in the intriguing dialogue and unique characters. I read pretty fast, but its been a long time since I devoured a book. It surprised me, scared me, warmed my heart, made me fall in love, and appreciate those people who don’t let normal get in the way of their happiness. No handsome young men or gorgeous galls, just normal and genuine people put in an extraordinary situation.  I would reccomend this book for several reasons:

  1. You should read a little bizarro every now and then to keep you from becoming complacent in your normalcy
  2. It’s just the right weight and size for taking out Evil Attic Clowns
  3. It’s the perfect gift for the garden gnome in your life
  4. It really is a good book