I have to admit, I was skeptical of the new A-Team movie. I waited for several acquaintances to go see the movie first and let them report back to me. After receiving another positive review I decided to go check it out for myself. Man, I was absolutely amazed!

The A-Team delivered. Action, humor, chaos, camaraderie and more–the A-Team kept the spirit of the television show and made it better. I wasn’t alone. The entire theater was involved, laughing, cheering, and clapping at the great comedy and action. The complicated plot didn’t get too muddled and only sagged slightly about 3/4 of the way in. The acting –yes there actually was acting–proved to be good as did the far out action scenes.  Even the scene with a flying tank played off well. I enjoyed it so much that I found myself laughing and musing at different scenes all the way home.

I should disclose that I am in no way a professional movie critic, nor do I ever agree with the critics anyway. Oscar and I have different tastes in movies. I know what I like and why I like it and I absolutely LOVED this movie. In fact, I like the movie so much I am demanding a sequel. I give this movie full military honors and a double salute.