For those of you like me who are ambitious and training for that superhero physique and fitness level, you may be wondering exactly what it takes to get that superhero body. Let me start by qualifying my desire for getting a superhero body–it’s not vanity. It’s so that I can have the ability to do the things I love, to be there for the ones I love when they need me, and so no one can get the upper hand (I choose not to be a victim anymore–I’m not even a survivor–I’m an ass kicker. See my bio for details).

Before you even start pursuing a fitness goal, you should understand that there is more to fitness than looking  good. Specifically, health professionals have identified ten aspects to fitness:

  1. Strength: Ability to apply force (e.g. lifting weights)
  2. Power: Ability to apply maximum force (e.g. jumping, plyo, etc.)
  3. Agility: Ability to change movements seamlessly (e.g. dancing, obstacle course, etc.)
  4. Flexibility: Wide range of motion (e.g. twisting into a pretzel)
  5. Balance: Ability to maintain center of gravity even on an uneven base (e.g. standing on one leg or on an unstable surface)
  6. Endurance: Ability to work for long periods of time (e.g. distance running)
  7. Cardiovascular strength:  Ability to collect, process, and utilize oxygen. Whereas endurance is your ability to perform over a long period of time, cardiovascular strength is more about your ability to continue to produce oxygen, even under high intensity. They feed into each other, but are quite different. (e.g. running without loosing your breath)
  8. Speed: Being able to move quickly (e.g. sprinting)
  9. Coordination: Ability to do complicated movements or a series of movements (e.g. a series of dance steps)
  10. Accuracy: Being able to control the direction and/or intensity of a movement (e.g. controlling a punch)

Any fitness regimen you undertake, in order for it to be truly complete, must incorporate activities that build on each of the ten aspects of fitness. My regimen includes a mix of free weights, cardio, plyo, resistance, and functional training to create that muscle confusion and to engage all ten levels of fitness. I also work in yoga and daily stretching to improve my flexibility and to decompress so I stay a superhero and don’t turn into a super villain.