Ever feel like you hit a wall. You’ve been training, getting in a groove, seeing results and all of a sudden WHAM! You keep pushing and pushing but nothing is happening. I’ve been there. It happens when you stick to the same routine for too long.

Often referred to as “plateauing” its the point where your body has acclimated to your routine and is no longer responding. Just like anything in life, to continue to grow and improve, you need to challenge yourself by changing your routine and trying new things. The maximum length of time you want to stick to a familiar routine is three weeks, but a truly effective workout regimen changes almost every time, constantly forcing your body to keep guessing and pushing beyond what you thought you could do.

Here are some ideas to help you change it up:

  • If you are a dedicated runner, try changing your route–run it in the opposite direction you normally do, move to a path with more hills, do sprints, etc.
  • When doing strength change it up between weights, resistance, and machines. Mix up what muscle groups you pair together, change up the weight and reps, try new moves that attack your muscles from a different angle.
  • Take advantage of free or drop in classes and try a new activity such as yoga, spin, or even crossfit (which I just tried and love!).
  • Change up your music. The new beats will motivate you to push harder.
  • Train with someone more athletic with you. It will also motivate you to try harder.
  • Sign up for an event. A group of us from work will be competing in the Warrior Dash in November. Nothing like an obstacle course with fire and barbwire to present a nice challenge.

Variety is the spice of life–but it’s also the key to achieving the fitness level  of a Superhero. Don’t let your progress flatline. It’s the little improvements, no matter how slight, that keep you motivated and get you that much closer to achieving your Superhero goals.  For a little more motivation, check out these sites: