If you’re socially conscious, like me, you’ve probably got a few badges on your facebook and follow updates from sources like OxFam and Unicef, but that’s probably about it. They are an accessory next to your farmville or mafia war button and not a forum for engaging with other socially conscious individuals. Many non-profits have figured out the power of social media, but social media designers themselves had focused mainly on creating platforms that cater to businesses and individuals–until now.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a new social media platform called Change.org. It’s a community of activists and concerned citizens coming together to support causes, share information on how to get involved, and  to interact with like-minded individuals. People can support local and global causes ranging from poverty to climate change and women’s rights. Highlighted sections include Changemakers, Top Stories, Take Action, and Victories.Actions can be as small as writing a letter to giving aid, making it easy for anyone to get involved.

It’s free to sign up. I just got my account and have been playing around with it. You can also incorporate it into your website or blog so visitors know that you are a social activist on the web. Check it out!