Superheroes are social activists, always involved in the issues, speaking for the little guy. When it comes to public

Photo via NY Magazine

debate, complicated issues are boiled down to misconceived stereotypes and ideologies that gloss over or completely ignore the real circumstances of the underlying issues. The fact of the matter is:

Real People Get Hurt When We Don’t Honestly Look At The Issues.

There are human beings, with varying circumstances, needs, wants, abilities, limitations, and other factors all affecting what they can and can’t do. We can’t employ fallacies to appease our prejudices, nor can we assume that it’s all black or white, false or negative, either or. That’s when we come up with solutions to the symptoms of a problem, and not the cause itself. Then the problem perpetuates.

Remember–behind every debate there are real people suffering.

Be a hero. Speak for them. Make the media and politicians humanize the issues.