It’s finally back to school across the country. Time to get lunches made and everyone out the door in time for the bus, time for homework and reading logs, and time for Friday night football games. Whether you have a child in school or not, it’s important to support local teachers. Underpaid, underfunded, and overworked, teachers can use all the help they can get.

It doesn’t take much to help a teacher. Here a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Donate: Many teachers are responsible for purchasing additional supplies, books, and materials in their classroom. Donate money or materials for school projects, buy them a gift certificate, and when you place your child’s scholastic book order, buy an extra book or certificate for the classroom.
  2. Clean House: Have left over craft materials, magazines, books that are unused or already read, or excess supplies collecting dust at home? De-clutter and help out by sending those items to the classroom. They don’t have to be new to be appreciated.
  3. Volunteer: Time is one of the best gifts you can give. You can volunteer in your child’s classroom, in the library, on the playground, or a number of other ways. If time is a concern, just volunteer for special outings/events or stop by to read once a term. Not only will the teacher appreciate it, your child will also see that you value the teacher and education, and will learn to value the same in turn. If you have older kids who are too cool for parents, work with the booster club at games, run the snack stand, or help with coordinating fundraisers.
  4. Join the PTA: Help fund school wide events, chime in on important issues, and support positive administrative change by being apart of the PTA.
  5. Hop into the kitchen: I don’t know anyone who says no to free food. A sweet treat or a free lunch goes a long way in not only helping stretch a teacher’s budget, but also showing that you care and support them.
  6. Write a note: Verbalize your appreciation either with a card or a quick email. Don’t forget to drop a line to the administrators and tell them what a great job your teacher is doing. Everyone can use a little helping keeping the boss happy, teachers included.

Above all, communicate. Just saying thanks, asking what they need, and keeping that line of communication open goes a long way. So go be a hero to another hero today, and show you support our teachers!