After a committee composed of five persons reviewed this year’s nominees, they have finally announced that Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo is the winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.  Liu is currently serving an 11 year sentence for “inciting subversion of state power.” Liu was imprisoned in December of 2009 for his peaceful efforts to improve human rights in China. Liu learned of his award from his guards. Shortly after his wife was allowed to visit him in prison.

Liu demonstrates that being hero does not require force or violence. His constant vigilance, activism, and now his imprisonment and Nobel award have helped bring world attention to the human rights issue rampant in China. He is an example for us to follow. We should never be afraid to stand up for what we belive in. We should also look for peaceful ways to stand up for ourselves and others. The world is full of enough violence. The Nobel Peace Prize lives on to remind us that peace is possible so long as people are actively pursuing it.

Congratulations Liu. We hope that soon you will enjoy your freedom, but even more we hope that you will see your efforts realized in a fair and just China.