We’ve all seen the bumper sticker that poignantly declares “mean people suck” and I doubt that anyone who has ever read that bumper sticker disagreed. Then why are there so many mean people in the world and why do they get away with it? The mean people phenomenon is not new nor is it isolated to reality television (which seems to lift mean, idiotic people up on a pedestal). No unfortunately mean people can be anywhere, from the checkout line at the local store to your kids school or public events. I see these people and wonder, first of all do they realize they are mean and second how come no one ever tells them so?

Enter me.

I can’t help it. I have to say something. Just because someone has gotten away with being a jackass for years doesn’t make it acceptable and just because I don’t know them doesn’t mean that I don’t have the right to say something. If your bad attitude is mucking up my day I have the right to stand up and say “stop being so rude” (or something to that affect).  So yes, when some snotty woman is laying in to a cashier who has no control over the return policy I say something and when someone is letting their kids push and shove and run into people I am going to say something and if someone insults another person’s intelligence I will point blank question theirs because someone needs to put an end to the unnecessary meanness. Someone has to say “mean people suck and right now sir/madam you are sucking something fierce.” Either that or I have to start carrying around a bumper sticker that I can shove in front of their face. Frankly, I find flat out saying you’ve crossed the line to be both more effective and gratifying.

So maybe this isn’t the most heroic thing I do, but sometimes heroes have to piss people off to make a change and I have no qualms pissing off someone who is being rude to another person who doesn’t deserve it. So I say, mean people do suck so instead of taking out your bad day or issues out on someone else practice the golden rule, otherwise the woman standing behind you in line might just call you out on it.