Shennandoah Diaz

If you’ve read my Mission, you know that despite the challenges I’ve faced, I choose to lead a superhero’s life.

I’ve lived out of my car, been on welfare as a single parent, put myself through college to get a B.A. in Economics Summa Cum Laude from St. Edward’s University, and pulled myself and my child out of poverty. I’ve suffered physical and emotional abuse, but instead of perpetuating the cycle I got healthy, got strong, and learned how to fight back.

It’s a constant struggle, overcoming the defeatist programming and moving forward with a positive attitude, but I do my best and am committed to reaching my goals, which includes helping other people meet theirs.

Exploring what it means to be a hero helps me stay on track, but above all, it helps other people find ways to help make the world a better place. It’s a work in project, but one day I hope for this to be a larger movement and spawn a whole subculture of real life superheroes living fulfilling lives and doing their part to fight injustice, poverty, and complacency.