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The Blog Has Moved!

Thanks for stopping by and following Choose To Be  A Hero. I started the blog early in my blogging career and have since figured out better ways to build content and get it out there for people to read. I’ve rebranded the mission as the Brass Knuckles Revolution and have sent the blog here to grow and motivate people to get off their ass and make a difference! I’ll be migrating some articles and of course I’ve been adding more great original content and guest posts from other amazing people who are out there making a difference!

Stop by and join the revolution!


A grand success!

The conference is over, and it couldn’t have been a bigger success! Receiving praise from respected professionals in the field of publishing has brought a sense of validation and accomplishment beyond compare–well, next to publication itself of course. Connections were made along with a request for my work, and I look forward to building that request into a long term relationship. Just as amazing and invaluable were the connections I made with fellow writers. Building relationships with people who share your passion and with whom you may share your trials and tribulations is something I have longed for.

Congratulations to fellow finalists and successful writers! Especially Mary Ann Loesch and Doug McIntire. I’ll be talking to you both very soon. Until then, relax and enjoy your success!