I believe that each of us can make a choice either to be a hero or to be a villain. Even the passive role of average joe is a choice, a choice to ignore the world around you and to pretend like nothing is happening. I choose to be a hero.

Being a hero is more than over the top action stunts and bigger than life mayhem. Heroes come in many guises like the supermom putting herself through school or starting a business while making time for tea parties and stories and ignoring the do-it-all mentality. The superdad, who challenges the stigma of disinterested father by coaching little league, administering first aid, and doing his own laundry. The men and women of our armed forces, first responders, and humanitarian aid who risk their lives to protect people from disaster, war, hunger, contaminated water, and poor education and who suffer the ridicule of the political discourse happening outside of their control. The volunteer who gives up their free time to teach, pick up litter, package free meals, stock pantries, and play Parcheesi while listening to the same story for the hundredth time. The kind stranger, the good boss, the helpful coworker, devoted lover, dependable friend–they are all heroes.

Will you be a hero or will you choose the path of villain? Only you can decide. For those of you who choose the path of hero, I hope to help, if even in some small way. Together we can create a snowball effect and make a lasting and positive difference in our world.