As a superhero you are naturally inclined to help people. You see someone struggling with their groceries, you run over and help them. Someone is having a tough month so you offer to take them to lunch or bring by some extras you made for yourself. Sometimes people appreciate it, but other times they are offended by your gesture.So how are you supposed to know when someone truly needs help and if they are willing to accept it?

Unfortunately, we live in a society (I’m speaking to the West, primarily the U.S. here) where people are expected to always strive and struggle alone. Where needingĀ  help or asking for it are considered sins and where helping people is an altruistic duty–but only so long as those people are willing to refuse that help. It makes no sense. Everyone struggles at least once in their life. Stuff happens outside of our control–layoffs, accidents, death–and once in a while we need a hand. It doesn’t make a person less hardworking, less noble, less anything. The only requirement in my mind is to pay it forward.

There is no shame in asking for help, nor is there anything negative about offering assistance (no-strings attached of course). I say that a hero should always try to help, even if it means facing ridicule. It’s better than the alternative–pretending everything is okay and ignoring those in need.

What about you–would you offer your help even if it meant facing ridicule or scorn?