Would Batman be Batman without the batlike getup? Could Magento have been as menacing if his trusty helmet wasn’t blocking Professor X’s mental intrusions? Most likely not. The clothes don’t make the person, but they do go a long way to completing the persona and often give the superhero that extra boost of power they need to completely take the superhero plunge (remember Spiderman’s over-sized pajamas . . . exactly!)

No matter what kind of superhero you are–an environmental hero, teacher, police officer, volunteer, or socially conscious business owner–you need to dress the part if you want people to take you seriously. More than 90% of a person’s judgement of you is made before they ever hear you speak. Looks are the biggest part of the quintessential first impression, and yes first impressions do matter especially for the aspiring hero. You don’t want to start off with a bad impression. Witness, exhibit A:

Courtesy of the Fail Blog

A true superhero knows that to look the part they need to:

  1. Dress appropriately for the occasion: An environmental hero knows to wear comfy shoes and to come armed with trash bags and antibacterial hand lotion when attacking a dirty park. Just like a police officer doesn’t fight crime without his badge and uniform.
  2. No B-O for the Hero: Good hygiene is a must for any superhero. I’m not saying sacrifice personal style here. Piercings, tattoos, colored hair, and other expressions are all a-okay in the superhero handbook. What’s not good is offensive body odor, creepy toenails that look more like talons, and greasy hair and skin so slick we could oil down a whole fleet of semis (shutter).
  3. Clothes that fit: Clothes that are either too big or too small look all wrong. Clothes that fit make you look and feel good, and when you feel good your confidence exudes that superhero strength people respond to.
  4. Signature style: No two superheroes look-alike. Each one has their own unique look to match their persona. Develop your own signature style, one that lets villains and citizens alike recognize you and what you stand for.

We all know that we have to dress to impress. That phrase means even more to the hero. So be sure to dress the part. People will notice your hero style and respond in kind. It’s just one more step toward achieving your hero status.