There is a thin line between heroes and villains. Oftentimes heroes and villains share common experiences and similar backgrounds and challenges. We are inherently good–look at any child, they want to be good. Ultimately, what makes person a villain or a hero comes down to a matter of choice.

Day in and day out we are faced with thousands of small choices, each one compounding into a series of consequences–both good and bad–that affect your life. Much of what affects our lives happens outside of our control–dealing with poverty, childhood abuse, layoffs, recessions, traffic, etc. You can choose to be ruled by those circumstance, or you can recognize the effect of your environment on your life and use it as a tool to rise above it.

When faced with a choice, the hero will:

  • Stick to their ethics, even when it’s not popular or no one is looking.
  • Resolve to rise above their circumstances to become something better than what made them.
  • Think of others when acting (though they will still be prone to selfish acts–there is no perfection here).
  • Avoid causing harm to others or oneself.

We’re not perfect, and often we falter, but for the most part we can decide if we want to take the path of the villain and cause harm, damage, and steal from others and ourselves or if we would rather take the path of the hero, moving with an understanding of the impact of our actions, striving to make things better, and showing concern for others.Like my mission states:

I choose to be a hero. What about you?