Superheroes have a bad habit of over-extending themselves. They want to do great things. They want to save the world–and they want to do it all by 5 o’clock on Friday. Problem is, they burn out by 3 o’clock on Thursday and hate themselves for not being able to do it.

Guess what–you can say no!

But I feel so guilty.

I know,me too, but you can say no. Here are a few tips to help you avoid burning that candle at both ends:

  • Know your limitations: Face it, there are some things you’re just not good at. Yes it great to challenge yourself and try new things, but if its outside of your area of expertise, politely decline. Even better–suggest someone from your hero network who is better qualified.
  • Be realistic about your time: There are only 24 hours in a day, only 7 days in a week. Even if you have a time machine you have to sleep eventually, and eat, and spend time with friends and family–you get the picture. If you don’t have time, you don’t have time–period.
  • Stick to what matters most to you: There are millions of worthy causes out there all in need of great volunteers like you. Only get yourself involved in the ones that truly speak to your heart and passions. It’s okay not to actively engage in every cause. In fact, fully engaging in one cause has a greater impact then half-assing several. Plus, you’ll be better able to fulfill your obligations, which will make your fellow heroes appreciate you more!
  • Just say no!: Reminisce with this catchy slogan and save yourself from over-committing by finding the power to just say it–NO!